About Liz Hester

Hi, I’m Liz Hester

First, I want to share with you a little bit of my story my training and my background, and I think that what it is going to do is give you hope.  People often say, you know this so well, you are so professional and make it look so easy.  But I assure you it was not that easy, I had to work hard, but that should absolutely give you hope.

7 years ago I was told I would not have a job when I got back from maternity leave.  That’s when I decided I would find a way to make money online and raise my daughter myself.

4 months later and a lot of sweat, tears and very little sleep, I sold out my first information product in 36 hours and was an ‘overnight’ success.  That niche marketing research made people thousands of dollars.  While the success was great, and I had offers to start going on stage, the whole point was to stay home and raise my daughter, so stayed underground I did.

I had success, I had epic failure and a divorce. Through it all, I remained steadfast to my commitment to stay home until my daughter entered First Grade.  I went into Search Engine Optimization for Realtors.  Do you have any idea what the housing crisis has done to the realtors’ advertising budgets?  With that collapse, I went home to help my dad in the family business, but I never completely quit the internet. I was always helping small, local businesses with their websites and online marketing and keeping up with the latest trends.

Now she’s in school and I’m over my divorce and ready for my comeback.  I’ve had my ups and downs online, but always kept up with what works and technology.  Small local businesses were hurting big time for not having an internet presence, so I turned to helping them.  And I was able to clean up their pages, help them get ranked and not taken by advertising firms.  And I have been so happy to be back into the internet and technology.

Since I’ve started attending conferences again, I’ve been surprised how people still struggle with getting the basics of Internet Marketing done online.  Some things, like autoresponders, are so essential, and yet a huge barrier to people getting started.
So I’ve started to Bridge the Gap for my successful, offline friends attempting to get online.  My Dead Simple series is aimed at those who are successful in other areas of life, but the Internet leaves them feeling ‘dumb’ and ‘defeated.’  You are not dumb, it’s just that most Techies cannot explain things clearly to non-techies.

I Bridge that Gap and make Getting Online Simple.  I am not promising it will be easy, but we’ll keep the first steps simple and you will be up and running and looking professional far faster than you thought possible.

And before you throw your laptop out the window…shoot me an email!  I’ll let you watch over my shoulder and walk through the steps with me to get you going.  Let your frustration lead you to empowerment of yourself and the others who also need the same help.

Yours in Success!