“Working with Liz has been life changing!

I had been in a slump for several months when I hired her and she has given me the tools to create a focused dream, grow in confidence about who I am and what I can do and has always encouraged me to go higher and to celebrate myself. Liz also created a kick ass website for me that blows me away!

Thank you Liz for helping me move into and live out my dreams.” Pam Neubauer, OR

“I am beyond thrilled with my decision to hire Liz Hester to be my dream building coach, to help me create both the personal and business life I want to live.

Liz brings to the table a unique combination of business, personal and intuitive background and skills. She has many years’ worth of technical background and skills as well as her own technical team supporting her to get whatever I need done.

In addition to her great background and skills, she has a very gifted intuition regarding both business and personal matters. She doesn’t hesitate to share her intuition when she perceives a best path to follow regarding any matter, and I implicitly trust her in these matters.

I give my highest recommendation to Liz for anyone looking to build their dream life.” Sincerely, Mark Siedler

Tony Romo w/ Liz

Brian Fanale w/ Liz

Rob Fore w/ Liz

Dean Black w/ Liz

“A 20 minute phone call with Liz saved me thousands of dollars in development, untold headaches, and hundreds of wasted hours. She has an uncanny ability to listen to what you are saying but helping you focus on what you really mean. If you are having trouble focusing or knowing what direction to take to grow your business, call Liz!”  -Allen Bradley, CEO, Omega Reports

“Before Liz joined us, we were committed but we didn’t have anyone on our team that had already had online success before.  Liz brought that dimension to the group, and she helped all of us to motivate each other.   If you have a chance to have Liz on your team, jump on it!”  Rob Tepper